The “fuel crisis”… allocating a station for public drivers!


The head of the road transport unions, Bassam Tlais, announced, in a press conference, that “based on an agreement between the “Coral” company for fuel and the road transport unions, the “Coral” station in its branch in the Raouche area will be allocated to public drivers in Greater Beirut, during a press conference held At the station, in the presence of the representative of fuel distributors, Fadi Abu Chakra, and the representative of Coral Jean Nassar.Tlais said: “It is very unfortunate that the land transport sector is looking for solutions to the public drivers’ crisis, and this matter is not our responsibility, but the state’s responsibility for all citizens and not only for public drivers, but as long as the state and government do not ask, we are forced, we find that it is our duty to look for The interest of those we represent, and those we represent want to fill up fuel to work and secure their families’ daily food, and they take the place of the state in the matter of public transportation and connect the Lebanese regions to each other.”

He thanked “friends in Coral who responded without hesitation to our demand that public drivers be allocated to spare them waiting hours to fill their cars with fuel. The company responded to our demand, and announced the start of implementation from Coral station in Raouche.”

He said: “This step, which will start today, and will continue until the crisis is resolved, starts from six in the morning until six in the evening at the Raouche station for all public drivers, whether cars or vans, in Greater Beirut.”He added: “We assigned colleagues from the sector’s unions to be present at this station to ensure the regularity and legality of the vehicles from the license to practice the profession and the car card. As for the vehicle that does not have the license to practice and the logo according to the rules, it will be illegal and illegal for the station and its employees, and we have to search for The interest of legal drivers who pay their duties.”

He continued: “As for public drivers, the unions and unions are looking for ways out and solutions for you so that you do not wait for hours, but I hope that this issue is a double-edged sword and the error is forbidden, including the necessity of filling gasoline in the car container, not gallons, because it is completely prohibited in all circumstances or arguments. And the Minister of Interior. Circulated to governors and stations to prevent gallons.

He said: “The experiment started today from Raouche, and it was agreed with Coral’s management that it will be circulated to all Lebanese territories, and I tell all drivers in all regions of Lebanon that the step will be generalized, but give us a maximum of 48 hours until we announce successively with the company the places of mobilization in all Lebanese regions, and we will be We organized the road transport sector and reduced waiting lines for citizens.”

And the head of the land transport unions, Bassam Tlais, concluded: “Today we are talking exclusively about gasoline, and later we will discuss the issue of diesel for vehicles that use diesel. We agreed in the first stage to fill in a cut for each car at 50 thousand pounds, and later to discuss filling the entire tank of the car, and a judgment will be more than station in Greater Beirut.

Abu Chakra thanked Coral, its owners, and transport unions “who found a temporary solution for public drivers,” and said: “It is not for the transport unions or Coral to find a solution, but rather what is required of the Lebanese government to find a solution as soon as possible,” wishing it to “take a bold decision.” As soon as possible with the financing card for public cars, and solve the problem as soon as possible because we, as the oil sector, cannot continue in this situation.”

He pointed out that “fuel stations are subjected to crushing, assault and beating of workers.”

He appealed to the caretaker prime minister, Hassan Diab, and the ministers to take a bold decision to solve the problem once and for all in order to relieve the market and citizens from standing in queues at gas stations.

He said: “Our first and last concern, especially the owner of the company, Oscar Yammine, is the citizen above all.”

He pointed out that “a study is being conducted to allocate stations for media professionals, doctors and others.”


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