The founder Othman series, Episode 64, with Arabic subtitles, the love story of OTMAN 64, Al Noor website


The founder Othman series, episode 64, with Arabic subtitles, a love story OTMAN 64, the founder Othman 64, the sixty-fourth episode, “The Last.” Al-Nour website now and through the love story website only and exclusively. Follow the new episode of the wonderful Turkish series, founder Othman 64 series, with the sixty-fourth translator via the love story website. It is expected that the last Othman 64 episode will be broadcast today via the love story The official website for showing the Turkish series, via Nilesat and Arabsat, and we will work to provide a package of servers to watch the Othman series today, the last episode 64, in Arabic, in addition to the Turkish language, which was able to own the copyright and display it on the Internet after. Translated into Arabic, the last episode of the translation team on the Al-Nour website The founder Othman series, the last episode .

It is worth noting that the series “The Resurrection of Osman bin Artgrel” was played by a large group of stars of Turkish series, namely, Burak Ozcivit, in the role of Ghazi Osman Ibn Ertugrul, Aisha Gul Junay, Emre Basalak, Ozja Turar, Raghib Savas, and Noureddin Sonmez, and the number of participating artists exceeds At work 40 stars. Which succeeded and contributed greatly to transforming the Ottoman Empire into a great history and today we will watch The Resurrection of Othman series, episode 64, a love story After Othman moved her from poverty and the state of loss in the Ottoman Empire to solidity and strength after fighting many great battles, after he succeeded his father in power, achieving a great successive victory against the Tatars, the Mongols, the Crusaders, the Romans and the Persians, and how he faced the challenges that met him during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in its infancy .

The founder Othman series, Episode 64, the last love story and the location of Al-Nour Othman 64

We watched in the previous episodes of the Osman Resurrection 64 series about the murder of the invader Ertugrul, who beheaded Prince Saad Eddin Kubik in a very interesting episode. And the martyrdom of Suleiman Ibn Salcan Hattun at the hands of the traitor Albasti. Followers are eagerly awaiting the series “The Resurrection of Othman 64” and recent events and reports. The end of the developments introduced in the series will be shown exclusively on the Turkish ATV channel in times, the founder Osman series, episode 64, with subtitles.


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