The first Saudi animation movie will be shown in cinemas, starting from June 17th


Fox Cinemas Saudi Arabia announced the date of the screening of the first animated film, produced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with DX4 technology, in cooperation with Japan, to be officially presented to the public in cinemas, starting from 17 June.

Saudi Journey movie
The Saudi Journey movie

The film bears the name “The Journey” or “The Journey” and belongs to the genre of “animation” films, as it revolves around the Arabian Peninsula, about a hero named “Aws”, who in his first life goes through a difficult childhood, which makes him a hero who defends his region against threats.

The “Vox Cinemas” group revealed that the new Saudi film will be available for viewing to the public in both Arabic and Japanese, as the film is the first cooperation between Japan and Saudi Arabia in the implementation of films of the “animation” type.

The movie “The Journey” is produced by the Saudi “Manga” company, and the “Toei Animation” studio in Japan, and it was implemented over a period of more than a year by a professional cast in animated films from Saudi Arabia and Japan, under the direction of the director of the “Detective Conan” series famous.


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