The fastest shipping of the game PUBG 2021 100% guaranteed and the secrets of 6 thousand intensity for free and various free gifts


Charging the game’s wedges in a guaranteed way has become a demand for many players during this period after the last update, as many sites have spread that defraud players by deceiving them of free shipping of wedges, but basically they seize the player’s data and many confidential information on his device, which It puts him at risk during the next stage.

And here we must offer you the foolproof ways to Free pubg widgets 100% without hacking, so that the player does not fall easy prey to fraud and cheaters during this stage, which may reach to seize the accounts of the players.

How to charge the game widgets pubg

You can now get Free pubg game widgets By entering the official website of the game, to get the tacks and get acquainted with all the offers offered by the site, including giving free tugs for free to the players who ship through the official website of the game, and the following steps must be followed in order to get 100% correct and correct shipping:

  • Log in to the game’s official website.
  • Choose the flag of the country you live in.
  • Choose the currency in which it will be dealt.
  • Writing its own hands.
  • Choose the appropriate width to ship wrenches.
  • Pay the required amount.
  • You will receive a message with details and shipping confirmation.

PUBG is trying to offer many offers, grants and prizes to players during this period, in order to attract a lot of players in light of strong competition among team games during this period, as the game presented an important offer, which is the highest among the offers.

Where you can charge $99.99 and get 6000 free skins at a time in addition to the prizes and gifts that you get for winning the different levels in the game, which increases the motivation of the players.

The player can take advantage of the offers offered by the game during this period, in order to obtain thousands of free poses without charging for shipping from the official website.

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