The fact that the Saudi dissident Hoda Al-Omari committed suicide in Britain


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The “Huda Al-Omari suicide” hashtag topped the list of the most popular Twitter hashtags in Saudi Arabia, and it was clear the activity of electronic flies through the tag and highlighting schadenfreude at Huda Al-Omari.

It was not possible to verify the authenticity of these circulating news from an independent source, and no official statement was issued in this regard by the British authorities, where Huda Al-Omari resides in London.

Activists criticized the idea that electronic flies want to promote by branding by order of the Saudi regime, which is that this will be the fate of any opponent of the Crown Prince, in an attempt to terrorize the Saudis and subject them to the herd policy.

It is noteworthy that Huda Al-Omari, a Saudi citizen who was on a scholarship to Britain, announced her opposition to the Saudi regime led by Mohammed bin Salman, which caused the interruption of support for her and complicated her circumstances in London.

Al-Omari appeared in a shocking clip that spread widely in October of last year 2020, as she spreads out on the streets of London, and explains her tragedy to a Saudi person who was apparently filming it from his dialect.

The Saudi opposition revealed that it has been living without a home for a year and a half, residing in the street and eating from one of the restaurants that its customers sympathize with.

She replied to the photographer: “Yes, I am Saudi and my name is Maarouf, Hoda Al-Omari … I am homeless here in this country.”

Then it showed a document that appeared to be an ID card with the logo of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on it without showing the details of the name and date of birth that were covered in the video.

Huda Al-Omari said that she asked for help from a number of Saudi dissidents in London, and mentioned by name Ghanem Al-Dosari and Yahya Asiri, who heads the National Assembly Party, noting that they refused to help her.

For his part, Al-Dosari said in a tweet at the time, “The Saudi intelligence knew that I was getting them a job and started using its methods, which is to kill the opponent physically if possible, or kill him financially if they can, or kill him morally, and this is what they are doing now…. These methods have become immune to me.”

A large number of opponents of the Saudi regime reside in London, led by Ghanem al-Dosari, Saad al-Faqih and Yahya al-Asiri, who publicly declared their opposition to the Saudi regime and saw Britain as a safe place for their lives for fear of bin Salman’s oppression.


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