The expansion of Fujairah Ports enhances the economic and logistical capabilities of the Emirates – the economist – the economy of the Emirates


Saif Al Mazrouei, Head of the Ports Sector – Abu Dhabi Ports, said that Abu Dhabi Ports has made a great achievement since the launch of the Fujairah Ports Expansion Project during the last three years, noting that the announcement of the expansion of Fujairah Ports confirms the position of this facility as one of the most important national assets that contribute In enhancing the economic, commercial and logistical capabilities of the UAE in the Middle East. He added, during a press conference held last weekend, that Abu Dhabi Ports is committed to achieving the strategic vision of our wise leadership by continuing its ambitious program to bring about a radical transformation in the infrastructure and services provided by the port, allowing The Emirate of Fujairah will strengthen its position as a leading maritime and logistics center, in line with the Fujairah Strategic Plan 2040 and the strategic vision of the UAE.

He stressed that Fujairah Ports are working to consolidate the emirate’s position as a major center that contributes to facilitating trade between the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Indian subcontinent, the Red Sea and East Africa, adding: We are certain that the opening of the expansion of Fujairah Ports will constitute a prominent station in the framework of achieving the objectives set for the plan Fujairah Strategic 2040. He stated that Abu Dhabi Ports will continue to work to increase the competitiveness of Fujairah ports by exploring new opportunities that serve broader economic interests, stressing the ability to contribute to achieving the goal that the United Arab Emirates aspires to achieve, which is to support economic diversification.


Abdulaziz Mubarak Al Balushi, Chief Executive Officer – Fujairah Ports, said that the announcement of the expansion of Fujairah Ports is an important development that is the culmination of three years of unremitting efforts aimed at benefiting from the huge potential of Fujairah Port and consolidating its position as a global and vital center for trade and logistics. .

He continued: With its strategic location, modern infrastructure, multi-modal connectivity and world-class service capabilities, Fujairah Ports is an ideal commercial and logistical gateway for companies looking to expand their operations globally.

He stated that the expansion project, which was completed with an investment of one billion dirhams, will increase the productivity of general cargo handling in the port to 1.3 million tons and increase container handling capabilities to 720,000 TEUs, which provides unique opportunities to achieve further economic growth in the country, pointing to the investment during the few years. The past continued in a number of development projects aimed at increasing the handling capabilities of Fujairah Ports, and enhancing its ability to handle specific types of goods as well.

He pointed out that these investments contributed to increasing the capacity of handling general cargo by more than one million tons, and a container yard was allocated with an area of ​​110,000 square meters, in addition to an area equivalent to 25,000 square meters as an area designated for multi-purpose general merchandise, and for rolled goods services. In addition, we increased The length of the four berths in the port is from 760 to 1,000 meters.

He added: We have also increased the depth of the water in the port from 12 to 15 meters, and we have long-term plans to bring the depth to 18 meters, which would allow Fujairah Port to receive larger ships with larger tonnages, explaining that the main objective of this step is to enhance food security. of the United Arab Emirates, and to enter the logistics sector for livestock shipments.

Abdul Aziz Mubarak Al Balushi, Chief Executive Officer – Fujairah Ports, said that the improvements we made allowed us to break the previous records we had set, as we doubled during the past four years the number of ships that docked in the port from 40 to 79, and in terms of work going on land, Facilities aimed at facilitating cargo operations were developed throughout the terminal, and handling capabilities were enhanced through the addition of two quay cranes and gantry cranes, which contributed to speeding up the times needed to complete operations and improving safety levels.

He added that the work of linking Fujairah ports with the Etihad Rail network, which is scheduled to be completed in 2023, is proceeding according to the planned schedule for implementation, explaining that despite the negative consequences of the pandemic on the global tourism marine travel sector, we have continued to work closely with the Fujairah government to develop its capabilities and facilitate Arrival of cruise ships.



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