The existing economic model in Lebanon is over, and the only path to change is elections


Last update: 7 – June – 2021 11:39 PM

Judge at the International Court of Justice and former Lebanese ambassador to the United Nations, Nawaf Salam, considered, in a television interview, that “the economic model that exists in Lebanon today has ended, and we have to discuss the just distribution of the losses that the country has incurred before discussing how to improve the economy.”

Salam explained that “the title of the next government should be an independent government, and there are many independent people in Lebanon and he likes to build a joint effort, and there are major efforts today to produce something in the country,” noting that “the economic model that exists in Lebanon today is over, and we have to search for a just distribution.” For the losses incurred by the country before discussing how to promote the economy.”

Judge Salam confirmed in his speech that he was not contacted by Hezbollah when it was named by some parliamentarians in Lebanon to form a government, rejecting his accusation by the party that he is the candidate of the United States of America to head the Lebanese government, noting that “America stood on my way to a court International Justice and I do not know from where Hezbollah spoke that I am America’s candidate for the Lebanese government.”

The former ambassador of Lebanon to the United Nations expressed his lack of belief that “change in Lebanon may happen through revolutions or military coups, and the only path for democratic change is through elections,” considering the slogan “all of them means all” that carries a little populism, but it is in its place in that no one It should be above accounting.


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