The euro is Mueller’s bet to confirm his leadership |


Berlin – Thomas Muller is expected to have a clear goal on and off the field, which is to prove that he was not the player who deserved to be excluded from the ranks of the Germans over the past period.

Germany coach Joachim Loew has returned both Muller and defender Mats Hummels to the ranks of Mannschaft in preparation for Euro 2021, knowing that the players have not participated with the team for more than two and a half years, specifically since the team drew with its Dutch counterpart 2-2 in November 2018.

“They will do a good job on the field,” said coach Markus Sorge, assistant coach of the German national team.

Five years ago, Muller’s goal was to have a prominent role in leading the team to add the European title in Euro 2016 in France to the world title the team won in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. But Muller’s goal now will be different, as he wants to prove to coach Loew and the general team following that he did not deserve to be excluded from the ranks of the team over the past 30 months.

Certainly, the chances of winning the Euro 2021 title seem much lower than they were in winning the European title during the last edition of the tournament.

In the past, some sports critics said that Bayern Munich star Muller could not do many things. Yet, even when he neglects his positioning and his ability to score at the right time, he appears to be more than just a goalscorer.

“I know I make some technical mistakes from time to time,” Muller said. “It’s one of the faces of the game that I’ve been playing for years.” “I think I managed to reduce the number of these technical errors to a minimum, but they happen sometimes,” he added. On the other hand, there are moments of artistic brilliance.”

But the player added to his capabilities more, as he confirmed in the past and current seasons that he has a great determination to succeed and that he never gives in to despair.

And only about two years ago, many reports indicated that Muller might leave Bayern’s accounts and that he might leave the team, not only because of his exit from Loew’s accounts in the Manschaft, but because the player’s performance level declined.

But coach Hansi Flick rediscovered Muller, “the king of spaces”, with his responsibility for the team in the middle of the 2019-2021 season, succeeding Croatian coach Niko Kovac.


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