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Younes Elsayed

We will not weep over Netanyahu’s departure, and we will not be overjoyed by this departure, if it happens; This is because Netanyahu has not yet fallen, even if the Knesset approves the “government of change” led by the Lapid-Bennett axis; Because the essence of Israeli policies will not change or be greatly affected by the departure of people, especially with regard to strategic issues.

Ending the Netanyahu era, which lasted more than 12 years, is possible if the Change coalition is approved by the Knesset; But Netanyahu, who is aware of the fragility of this coalition that was formed from the far left to the far right, has only one thing in common; He is toppled from power, and therefore he is not only betting on the explosion of contradictions that have appeared since now among his components, especially in terms of relying on the votes of the “Unified Arab List” for his survival, but he is working to feed these differences, and to attract those who reject and complain of them to his side, and he is certainly proficient in this field; Because of his long political experience.

It is known that Netanyahu does not give up, and has the ability to obstruct his political opponents, whether in the Knesset or on the street; By mobilizing all right-wing forces behind him under exciting, even if deceptive, titles, such as confronting the “left government” as it poses an existential threat to Israeli security, bearing in mind that a careful review of the “change” government indicates that most of its members are from the right and the extreme right, including The security cabinet that makes the crucial decisions; Including decisions of war and peace.

If we go back to history, it was the “left” and specifically the “Labour Party” led by Ben-Gurion, and not the right, that created Israel, and continued to lead it until 1977 when Menachem Begin, the leader of the Likud party at the time, succeeded in coming to power. Leaving all that aside, what happens, if the Knesset is approved, is the transfer of power from the right to the more extreme right; This means that the policies pursued by Netanyahu remain unchanged; Rather, it may become more extreme and complex, as Naftali Bennett is originally a student of Netanyahu, adding to it that he is religiously committed, and therefore it is not true that Israel has become obsessed with the danger of the “left.” And here is Bennett saying in his first statement after forming the coalition, that he will not stop settlements In the Palestinian territories, he threatens to launch a war on Gaza or Lebanon, if the need arises.

And if there is a fear that Yair Lapid will head the government during the second term, as he is affiliated with the “left,” Bennett decided the matter from now on that in the event of disagreements at that time, the coalition will end, and everyone will go to a fifth election. The truth of the matter is that Netanyahu does not want to comprehend the possibility of being removed from power, which gives him a lot of immunity in light of the trials he is subjected to, and fears for his personal fate and political future.

Returning to the possibilities of Netanyahu’s departure or not, the matter is the same; Because his alternative is not better than him.

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