The end of the “Messi” series is around the corner


series end



The future of Argentine Lionel Messi is still doubtful until now, while a Spanish press report spoke on Sunday about a new development that will decide the fate of the Barcelona star during the next season.

Messi’s contract with the Catalan club expires this month, so the decision to continue with the team or not is around the corner.

Barcelona knows that their entire project is under the leadership of President Joan Laporta, who confirms that everything is heading towards renewing Messi’s contract with Barca.

Laporta said: “Messi’s situation is going well, but it is not over yet.”

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Messi is thinking of following the example of the Brazilian players

According to the Spanish “Quattro” programme, Laporta will present the official offer to Messi regarding the renewal within two or three weeks at most.

He indicated that Messi will say “yes” to the official offer, but he is waiting for the final version of the contract, to see if he needs to change any clause.

The Spanish program indicated that, according to the current changes, Messi will officially announce his renewal in the middle of the Copa America this summer.

The famous Spanish program “Alchiringuito” claimed that Laporta promised Messi a 10-year contract, including playing for only two seasons with Barca and then moving to a non-European team.

Source: “Agency”


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