The Emirates is the first regionally in facing the repercussions of “Covid 19” – Emirates – News and Reports


Yesterday, Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, opened the activities of the International Conference on Emergency Medicine, which was held for the first time by default as a result of the restrictions imposed by the “Covid 19” crisis, with the participation of 20,000 doctors and specialists from different countries of the world. He stated that all international medical reports confirmed an investigation. The UAE ranks first in the Middle East and 14th globally in terms of efficiency in responding to the repercussions of the “Covid 19” crisis.

The conference is the largest annual international gathering of emergency medicine, focusing on areas including infectious diseases, injuries and accidents, public health, hematological infections, intensive care, medical education, emergency nursing and other areas related to emergency medicine.

He pointed out that the world is currently witnessing a set of events that highlight the importance of modernizing public health policies and medical response plans, in addition to improving the efficiency of hospitals, and providing medical workers, especially in the field of emergency medicine, with the necessary tools to improve their ability to deal with crises. The UAE realized the importance of these measures early on, and worked diligently over many years to strengthen its leading healthcare system.

This was clearly demonstrated during the crisis, and Al-Ketbi said: “There is no doubt that the spread of Covid-19 disease has demonstrated the importance of emergency medicine. Experts are no longer confined to the field of emergency medicine to save the lives of the seriously injured and critical cases, to highlight its role clearly in the face of “Covid 19” thanks to the dedication shown by workers in the first ranks of emergency departments in the medical sector.

Dr. Sally McCarthy, President of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine, praised the efforts of the conference’s organizing committee, which provided an outstanding performance by combining its pioneering scientific program with expert speakers from around the world, noting that the conference’s slogan (Attracting the Efforts of Emergency Medicine Workers) sheds light on Difficulties facing frontline health care workers, including emergency medicine providers, during the COVID-19 crisis.

Dr. Rasha Buhumaid, a member of the Local Organizing Committee, said: “The UAE is honored to host this pioneering event in the field of emergency medicine, especially with the country’s recovery phase. With the difficulties and exceptional circumstances imposed by the crisis on organizing huge events, organizing the event by default represents a great achievement.

This event will provide healthcare professionals with an opportunity to discuss the reality of emergency medicine in light of the major developments it is witnessing, as the conference will host more than 260 well-known experts representing more than 70 countries and the conference will be held with the support of the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, the Ministry of Health and Prevention, and the Dubai Health Authority. The National Ambulance Service, Emirates Medical Association, Sharjah Media City (Shams), and a number of regional and international bodies.



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