The Emirates grants Carole Samaha the Emirati citizenship, and the latter comments


The United Arab Emirates offered the Lebanese artist Carole Samaha the golden residency, to join a long convoy of artists, as part of a step honoring the creators in their fields.Samaha tweeted, through her official account on the Twitter application, saying: “I thank the people and government of the UAE for the gift of golden residency, and I wish it further prosperity and development,” according to (her).

Among the most prominent artists who received golden residency in the Emirates this year are: Bassam Koussa, Karis Bashar, Tim Hassan, Najwa Karam, Ragheb Alama, Nassif Zaitoun, Nelly Karim, Qusai Khouli, Marwan Khoury, Hani Shaker, and Mohamed Ramadan. Nationality of the Syrian star Yasser Al-Azma.

It is reported that last Ramadan, Samaha released the song “Al-Li Khan” in the series “Against Al Kasr” by Nelly Karim, and the lyrics of the song say: “We meet every day in crowded people and many people who wear silk, who are in a poor state.. In the end, the origin is judged.. The tyrant M the Great.. you ruined the one who betrayed.. the one who has no security.. and whoever we saw is an angel.. Atari, a demon has emerged.


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