The Egyptian Stock Exchange indices decline in its morning trading


The indices of the Egyptian Stock Exchange witnessed a decline in the morning trading of today’s session, to continue the declines witnessed in yesterday’s session, under the pressure of local sales.

The EGX30 index declined by 0.46 percent, by 10:45 in the morning of today’s session, without a barrier (9850 points) at the level of 9841 points.

The index of medium and small companies EGX70 EWI fell by 2.45 percent at 2,267 points, and the EGX100 EWI index fell by 1.97 percent, to reach 3,198 points, and the EGX50 index of equal weights decreased by 2.09 percent, at 2,168 points.

Egyptian investors’ transactions on shares tended to sell, with a net of 31.7 million pounds, while Arabs and foreigners tended to buy with a net of 1.12 million pounds and 30.62 million pounds, respectively.

The value of trading on the listed shares amounted to 153.13 million pounds, through 54.4 million shares, through 5.28 thousand transactions, and about 10 shares rose, while 69 shares declined, and 76 shares stabilized.


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