The effect of the vaccine… “Covid-19” patients in British hospitals are younger and have milder symptoms


Health experts in Britain revealed that patients admitted to hospital with “Covid-19” disease caused by the Corona virus are now younger, lighter in disease, and return home faster.

Chris Hobson, chief executive of the National Health Service Providers Organization in Britain, said there is “very important” evidence that vaccines against “Covid-19” have “broken” the chain between infection with the virus and the urgent need for hospital treatment, according to the newspaper. Britain’s Daily Mail.

Hobson revealed that fewer sick people end up in hospital than in previous waves, and is decreasing as days go by, as NHS members in virus hotspots report a daily drop in hospital admissions.

He added, that there are 3 positive points regarding the situation of “Covid-19” patients in hospitals. First, the number of hospitalized patients is much lower than previous waves. Second, the patients admitted are – on average – younger and less in need of critical health care; What is the reason for the low death rate? The third is the very low numbers of “Covid-19” patients in hospitals from people who received both doses of the vaccine.

The chief executive of the National Health Service Providers Organization in Britain referred to the “increasing confidence” that vaccines “broke the chain between infection with the Corona virus and high levels of hospitalization and death in previous waves,” adding that vaccines “look very important.”

The latest figures, last Thursday, showed that there were 932 patients with “Covid-19” in hospitals, compared to more than 40,000 injured in January.


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