The economic bodies discussed with a delegation from the General Labor Union the various situations in the country


The economic bodies and a delegation from the General Labor Union headed by Bechara Al-Asmar discussed various situations in the country, especially the multiple crises that topple all the gains of the state and citizens alike.

The conferees affirmed that “no human mind can comprehend what is happening in the country of the terrible deterioration of the various aspects of life, the unprecedented suffering of the Lebanese citizen and worker, the disintegration of the state and the acceleration of deterioration and collapse in various fields and sectors, amid this deficit.” What applies to politicians is to come up with solutions and remedies, and that employers and workers warn that stalemate at the political level will inevitably lead to the exhaustion of all the remaining limited capabilities and capabilities of the state, institutions, citizens and workers, accelerating the process of closing institutions and increasing unemployment rates poverty and hunger.”

They pointed out that “what is happening today is more like a systematic process of destruction of all the components of the Lebanese state and its pillars, whether at the level of its institutions, administrations and services, or with regard to the private sector and Lebanon’s role in the region, especially as a prestigious center for the productive economy and distinguished services, especially university education, hospitalization, and other That is, and Lebanon is not a poor country, and the Lebanese people are not helpless, so it is not possible to accept in any way the forced process of impoverishment, starvation and humiliation of the Lebanese, and striking Lebanon’s bright and civilized image,” noting that “contrary to what is rumored, Lebanon is capable of We will rise very quickly if we quickly enter into the implementation of a rescue plan that includes radical solutions and treatments, and through the concerted efforts of the Lebanese private sector and the skilled and creative hands of the Lebanese workers at home and abroad.”

The participants stressed that “the obligatory approach to the solution is the formation of a rescue government that will gain the confidence of the Lebanese and the Arab and international community and be able to implement comprehensive reforms and agree with the International Monetary Fund and donors. Forming a government that complies with these criteria with the aim of saving and returning the country to the path of recovery and advancement and providing a decent life worthy of the Lebanese, and for the productive forces to raise their voice and warn that letting the country descend into the abyss in a process of free fall will inevitably lead to a great crash at the bottom with the attendant Unprecedented economic, social, living, humanitarian, medical and service disasters, and then regret will not work.”


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