The E70 victory is the first story.. Egypt’s plan to popularize electric cars


Cairo – by Iman Abdullah – a new and important stage for Egypt to enter the automotive world, with the revival of the “Al-Nasr” company, and the announcement of the electric car “Nasr E70”.

Quietly and without fanfare, Egypt started moving towards clean energy with the aim of preserving the environment and providing the country’s resources of petroleum products.

The announcement of the Nasr E70 car was only a step at the beginning of a long journey, followed by many steps from a number of Egyptian institutions with the aim of popularizing electric cars.

The story began with the announcement of the victory of the E70, as the Egyptians put forward in this field and are determined to reach the farthest point.

And the official account of the Information and Decision Support Center in the Egyptian Cabinet published on Facebook, the production stages of the Nasr E70 electric car, starting from thinking about the project to popularizing the idea in Egypt.

The Cabinet confirmed that the Nasr E70 is the first Egyptian electric car, produced by the Nasr Automotive Company, with a Chinese partnership.

The Nasr Automotive Industry Company, the first automobile company in Egypt and the Middle East, is located in Wadi Hof in Helwan, south of Cairo, and was established in 1959, within the Egyptian Leadership Project with the aim of establishing a national project for a major industrial renaissance.

The first step started in 2019, when the Egyptian government studied the electric car production project, with the actual start of production in mid-2022.

According to a statement by the Egyptian Cabinet, 100 cars will be produced during July and August of next year.

The price of the car is expected to range between 290,000 and 400,000 EGP, depending on the category.

The Nasr E70 electric car will be offered in three categories, according to the battery and the driving range, which is 250, 400 and 500 km.

The time required to charge the average system in homes and workplaces is about 7 hours.

The Egyptian Cabinet set 4 goals for the project, which it summarized in keeping pace with the global trend towards electric cars, and the localization of the vehicle industry using clean energy.

Among the goals, too, are preserving the environment, reducing heat emissions, and reviving Al-Nasr Motors Company.

The Egyptian Cabinet highlighted the state’s efforts to stimulate the purchase of electric cars, which are summarized in the establishment of 3,000 charging stations during the coming period, in addition to the Ministry of Finance providing a financial incentive for buyers of electric vehicles.

The Egyptian Ministry of Electricity will offer an incentive price for electricity, while the Ministry of Interior will complete the issuance of licenses for electric cars.


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