The duet “If I Was” by Haifa Wehbe and Akram Hosni, released today


At five o’clock in the afternoon on Monday, June 14, the artists Haifa Wehbe and the Egyptian Akram Hosni will release the duet “If You”, with picture and sound.

  • duet poster
    The duet poster between “Haifa Wehbe” and “Akram Hosni”

While she has been working in Cairo for two weeks to finish her new album, Haifa Wehbe has announced her first new song, “If You Are”, written and composed by Akram Hosni, distributed by Touma, and the clip was filmed by Hossam Al-Husseini, noting that it will be available for listening and watching starting from the hour. Five in the afternoon on Monday.

Haifa had announced a few days ago that she is dedicated to her new album, which is supposed to include 7 songs by Egyptian composers and poets, with whom she spends many hours of listening and discussion. This comes at a time when she apologized for several acts offered to her for acting, and her required decision was to compensate for the period of absence from the singing scene. While Haifa Wehbe holds many concerts between Cairo and Dubai, she took a month off from various activities to devote herself to choosing and recording album songs.

It is noteworthy that Haifa has not sung a duet with anyone before and it seems that she liked the song that Akram Hosni presented to her, because they recorded it in a short time and decided to release the first single from the album out of optimism about it. After completing the album, she will return to acting and have several surprises that she will not disclose, according to what she announced.


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