The discovery of the “mysterious killer” of Corona patients


An Egyptian government report, obtained by “Sky News Arabia”, revealed 4 causes of death for people infected with the emerging coronavirus, and this is the first official estimate in Egypt that reveals the causes of death for patients with the virus, based on the estimates of the Supreme Council of University Hospitals.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health recorded nearly 15,000 deaths in Egypt, out of 260,000 confirmed cases of corona, as of May 29, with nearly 190,733 infected people recovering.

The report identified 4 causes of “corona deaths”, which are the “cytokine storm”, lung failure, kidney failure, and stroke.

The report notes that 89.6% of corona patients’ deaths were in the age group “46 years and over”, at the time of preparing the “report” in early 2021, while the percentage in the “less than 46 years” category was about 10.4%.

Some scientists believe, according to the report, that the main reason patients’ conditions develop for the worse is the excessive and catastrophic reaction of the immune system known as “cytokine storm” or “immunological storm”.

immune response

The government report defined “cytokines” as “chemical molecules” that act as signals that direct a healthy immune response, but in some cases their levels rise too high, so that immune cells begin to attack healthy tissues in the body, and this can cause significant damage.

The report added that some studies showed high levels of cytokines in the blood of “Covid-19” patients detained in hospitals, amid concern from some scientists about quelling the “cytokine storm” with immunosuppressive drugs, which leads to harmful adverse results,

post corona syndrome

Amjad Al-Haddad, an immunology and allergy consultant, explains that the symptoms of the “immune storm” appeared in many cases of people with corona, and it may occur in 30% of the infected, according to international scientific studies, most of whom are young people.

Al-Haddad pointed out, in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that the “cytokine storm” occurs in which an excessive response of the immune system to viral infection occurs, which may cause serious complications that sometimes reach death, and are responsible in many cases for what is known as “post-corona syndrome.” .

And about the complications of the “storm”, the immunologist says, that it may cause respiratory problems such as inflammation, pulmonary fibrosis, and bone pain, and after recovery from Corona, it may cause continuous coughing, sweating, skin rashes, swelling, and muscle pain.

He points out that some cases that have a high degree of immune storm on them receive immunosuppressants to reduce their effectiveness in the body for a temporary period.

Clinical trials for confrontation

And the “Higher University Hospitals” report indicates that infection with corona may also lead to “constriction of blood vessels”, which causes a decrease in the degree of flexibility in the fingers and toes, a decrease in blood flow, painful swellings and death of tissues.

The report indicates that there are clinical trials currently underway on many drugs, targeting the cytokines specific to Covid-19, with fears that these drugs contribute to the spread of the virus in the body and the production of larger numbers of it.

According to the report, some scientists imagine that cytokines are responsible for the rapid deterioration of some cardiovascular patients, while cardiology research stated that “heart damage” was diagnosed in approximately 20% of patients out of 416 patients admitted to hospital in Wuhan, China.

Complications of plasma therapy

Essam El-Maghazi, a consultant at the World Health Organization and a consultant in chest diseases, allergies and tuberculosis, says that studies and doctors’ experiences in treating Corona patients show the effect of the virus on almost all body systems, which supports what was mentioned in the “highest university hospitals” estimates, that some Corona deaths die as a result The effect of the virus on the kidneys and liver.

Al-Maghazi added, in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that what the report mentioned about the “cytokine storm” was strongly noted when the trial began to treat people with corona through “plasma of the recovered”, as the body produced very many antibodies, and its reaction was Exaggerated, which affected the healthy cells in the body negatively, and caused some deaths.

The consultant at the World Health Organization explains that there are no studies estimating the number of deaths due to the “storm”, clots or other causes that appeared in the government report, which is something that needs more research and studies to determine, noting that corona causes clots in some cases that may cause death. Also, these clots are not required to be in the lung.

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