The discovery of huge quantities of gold and silver in Turkey .. these details


Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank announced the discovery of gold reserves worth $1.2 billion, in addition to silver reserves worth $2.8 million in the eastern state of Ağrı.According to the Turkish minister, gold reserves are estimated at 20 tons, equivalent to about 705,000 ounces of the precious metal, while silver reserves are estimated at 3.5 tons of silver.

The Turkish minister said at the opening ceremony of a gold mine: “In the Koza Altin mine near the village of Mullakara (in eastern Turkey in the Ağrı province), we discovered 20 tons of gold and 3.5 tons of silver.”He pointed out that during the past ten years, the level of investment in gold mining in the country increased by 25%, and in the year 2020, 42 tons of gold were extracted in Turkey from 18 mines.

According to the minister, this year Turkey intends to extract 45 tons of gold, and the goal for the next five years is to reach a production level of 100 tons.

These reserves are the second discovery of natural resources announced by Turkey within a week. Last Friday, the discovery of gas reserves in the Black Sea was announced.


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