The discovery of a new planet with an atmosphere and contains water vapor


Scientists have discovered a new planet the size of the planet “Neptune”, 90 light years from Earth, containing water vapor and having a real atmosphere.The planet is known as TOI-1231 b, and it revolves around its star every 24 days and has an atmosphere similar to Neptune, given its size and density, and the planet has aroused the interest of scientists, because of the possibility of the presence of water vapor.

The low density of the planet indicates that it is surrounded by a real atmosphere, and it is not a rocky planet, said Diana Dragomir, co-author of the study and a professor at the University of New Mexico, adding that the composition and extent of this atmosphere are unknown.

She added that the planet may contain hydrogen, helium or more dense water vapor, and each of these elements points to a different origin.

Scientists considered this planet one of the distinctive exoplanets, which has a predicted temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Previous studies had indicated that planets with such heat can have high clouds in the atmosphere with the possibility of water in the atmosphere.

The study’s lead author, Jennifer Burt, said that future observations of this new planet will allow determining how common or rare water clouds form around these planets.

It is reported that the planet was discovered by the satellite telescope of the US space agency “NASA” and was later confirmed using the Spectrometer (PFS).


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