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The director of prestige reveals the scenes of the fifth part and the date of its presentation
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The director of the “Al-Hiba” series, Samer Al-Barqawi, spoke about the scenes of the fifth part of the series, which will bear the name “Al-Hiba Jabal” starring Tim Hassan, expressing his hope that it will be shown during the next Ramadan season due to the atmosphere of noble competition among other works.

And “ET Bil Arabi” quoted Al-Barqawi as saying: “The first change in the fifth part of the “Al-Hiba” series is the start of filming earlier than usual, due to the release of the fourth part of the series from the Ramadan season.”

He indicated that he will maintain the basic spirit of the series during the fifth season, which takes place in the spring and summer, unlike the previous seasons, expressing his keenness that the fifth part comes out at an end worthy of the previous four seasons.

The director stressed the need for the audience to feel in the end that the work could continue for other parts.

Al-Barqawi explained that the actor Abdel Moneim Al-Amayri will be the new guest on the series, and he will be a representative of the role of “Jebel Adversary”, pointing to the inclusion of a number of new faces in the series, in addition to reducing the roles of some of the main characters.

Director Al-Barqawi pointed to the participation of the presenter and actress Aimee Sayah, who will present the female lead role in the work, indicating that some roles will recede due to the new dramatic context, because the events of the fifth part will be in the direction of determining the final fates of the heroes of “prestige” and the “Jabal” family.

In the same context, Al-Barqawi revealed the completion of preparations and the development of the main features of the film about “prestige”, which will be independent of the series and with new production data and will not contain scenes from the five atmospheres of the series.

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