The destruction of 10 Houthi drones and missiles towards Saudi Arabia


          The coalition repelled the heaviest attack of the putschists on the Yemeni army, west of Ma'rib            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>Saudi air defenses intercepted and destroyed 6 drones and 4 ballistic missiles, all of which targeted civilians and civilian objects in the south of the country within 48 hours.

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen pointed to the continued attempts of the Houthi militia to deliberately target civilians and civilian objects, stressing that it is taking operational measures to protect civilians and deal with the imminent threat. The coalition confirmed that the efficiency of the Saudi air defenses thwarted all hostile attempts towards the Kingdom, indicating that all attempts of the hostile militia to target civilian objects and civilians were repelled and destroyed.

On the ground, Yemeni sources said that more than 100 Houthi fighters were killed during an attempt to circumvent Marib on Saturday.

Yemeni military sources reported that the militias launched one of the most violent simultaneous attacks on Sunday on Yemeni army positions west of Marib, before these attacks were broken with the support of the coalition, leaving dozens of dead and wounded members of the Iranian-backed group.

This came at a time when the militias continued their attacks in Al-Dhalea and Taiz, in conjunction with their continuous violations in Hodeidah.

About ten days ago, the coup group resumed its intensive attacks west of Marib, northwest and south, after it brought hundreds of its members to participate in these attacks, through which it hopes to control the oil province, which is the most important stronghold of Yemeni legitimacy in the north of the country.


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