The death of Tunisian actress Dalanda Abdo


The death of Tunisian actress Dalanda Abdo

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Tunisian actress Dalanda Abdou

The Tunisian government and the Ministry of Culture mourned the death of actress Dalanda Abdo, who died today, Tuesday, at the age of 92, after a long journey of artistic giving.

Tunisian President Kais Saied visited the veteran artist at her home in August of last year to check on her health, as well as many artists.

Tunisian singer Latifa published several photos that she collected on “Facebook” and wrote, “How much I loved you and how many memories we lived with you in our childhood. You are one of the greatest artists known to the dramatic field in Tunisia.”

The late woman was born in December 1928 with the name Khaira Al-Gharbi, and the public knew her for her lightness, which qualified her to present many theatrical and television works of a humorous nature.

Among her plays are “Al-Yatman”, “Saqr Quraish”, “Dawa Nafeza”, “Atrash Hikma” and “Tah Bah”, and in the seventies, she approached the hearts of viewers more by participating in a large number of series, including “Shahid’s Shop” and “Hekayat Abdul Aziz Al-Arouri” and “Amber Al-Nil”.

Source: “Reuters”


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