The death of the Syrian director, Mohamed Ferdous Atassi, renews Jumana Murad’s sorrows, and the stars bid him farewell with weeping messages


The death of director Mohamed Ferdous Atassi caused a state of sadness in the artistic community, as many stars of the Arab world mourned the late Syrian director, among whom was the artist Jumana Murad, who described his departure as a new sadness that afflicted her after the death of her daughter in the past months.

Jumana Murad on the authority of director Mohamed Ferdous Atassi: “The owner of unforgettable situations”

Jumana Murad published, through her account on “Instagram”, a picture of the late Syrian director, Muhammad Ferdous Atassi, who died yesterday evening in Syria at the age of 79, affected by complications from his infection with the Corona virus, Jumana Murad confirmed that the death of Muhammad Ferdous Atassi brought back grief to her, after she tried to overcome him after the departure of Her daughter in the past months, where she explained the extent of the strong relationship she had with the late director, whom she described as a father and a teacher.

Jumana Murad wrote: “After sadness, I knocked on our gates. The first time I tried to see him, he came back and saddened me with the death of my teacher, the director, Professor Mohamed Ferdous Atassi, the good friend, brother and kind father, who had wonderful and unforgettable situations. You will always remain in our hearts and memories with your kind spirit and your unforgettable works. There is no objection to God’s destiny, and we belong to God and to Him we shall return. May God have mercy on you and make your abode heaven in Paradise, O Paradise. I hope to pray for the deceased with mercy and forgiveness and read Al-Fatihah. My condolences and deepest condolences to the deceased wife, dear sister, please, and to the family of the deceased, my Lord, inspire them patience and solace.

Stars of Syria and the Arab world mourn the director Mohamed Ferdous Atassi

Muhammad Ferdous Atassi was also mourned by many stars of Syria and the Arab world in the past hours, who commented on his departure and offered condolences to his family. The artist, Solaf Fawakherji, published a picture of her gathering with the late director through her account on “Instagram” and commented on it, so she wrote: “Mercy and peace for the soul of the great director Muhammad Ferdous Atassi. Sincere condolences to his family, friends and fans.”

Talal Mardini, the Syrian star, also published a picture of the late director through his account on “Instagram” and wrote, commenting on it: “Professor Ferdous Atassi is in the protection of God, may God have mercy on you and grant you peace in his vast gardens. Atassi, who accomplished a lot of beautiful works, passed away today, have mercy on his soul, may God inspire his family and relatives patience and solace.

Many stars who also offered condolences to the fans and family of the late director joined, including the artist Asala, Rogina, Safa Sultan, Dima Al-Jundi, Omar Al-Saeed, Shukran Murtaja, Amal Muhammad, Maysoon Abu Asaad, Suzan Najm Al-Din and May Al-Aidan.

The most important works of the late director Mohamed Ferdous Atassi

The late director Mohamed Ferdous Atassi presented, during his long career with the art world, more than 22 works between theater and television, and one of his most prominent dramatic works was the series “Midnight Dreams”, which was produced in 1979, and he also presented the series “Tamr Henna”, and “” Al Bayader, and “Family Memoirs.” The first play he presented in his career was entitled “Strangers Don’t Drink Coffee” and was produced in 1971. The late director won many awards during his long career from more than one Arab festival in Egypt, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia. He also received an award from the Prague Festival in the Czech Republic.


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