The death of the Moroccan artist Abdel Mawla Al-Zayati after a struggle with illness – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The Syndicate of Moroccan Dramatists and Film and Television Workers mourned, yesterday, the author, director and theater actor Abdelmoula Zayati, who died at the age of 69 after suffering from illness..

The union said, in a statement: “The late left a respectable artistic and theatrical balance, and is considered one of those who accompanied the experience of establishing the cultural and artistic movement in Morocco since the first foreshadowings, especially the flourishing era of amateur theater.”

She added, “The deceased participated in a group of directors in many stations, works and festivals. He wrote many ceremonial texts. He worked in the Ministry of Youth and Sports as an important national framework, where he assumed and worked in many centers in this sector until he retired from the official job.”

Zayati was born in 1952 in the city of Larache in the north of the Kingdom of Morocco, and participated in acting in a number of long and short films and some television works..

Among his theatrical works are “Doctor Al-Hareour”, “The Hero and the City’s Dog”, “The Fall of the Masks”, “The Return of Al-Majzoub”, and “Lixus and the Three Malehas”.

He also published several collections of poetry, including the collection “The Princess of Cities”, which he wrote in love with the coastal city of Larache, his birthplace..

It is reported that Al-Zayati was married to actress Asmaa Benzakour, with whom he has a daughter.



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