The death of the father of the artist, Iman Al-Asi, and his burial today


A short while ago, our scholar Abdel Azim Moez Al-Assi, father of the artist Iman Al-Assi, passed away after a struggle with illness, and the funeral prayer will be held for him and his burial today in the family cemetery on May 15.

The last work of the artist, Iman Al-Assi, was her participation in the championship of the series “Al-Dayra”, which was shown this year, where she participated in the championship with a number of artists, including Ahmed Salah Hosni.

The series “Al-Daira” belongs to the genre of the 45-episode work, produced by Synergy, written by Mohamed Abdel Moati, directed by Ahmed Samir Farag, starring Ahmed Salah Hosni, Iman Al-Asi, Mai Al-Qadi, Mohamed Alaa, Islam Jamal, Mohamed Ali Rizk, Ahmed Jamal Saeed, Donia Al-Masry, Amani Kamal, Maha Abu Auf, Mahmoud Hafez.


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