The death of “Cinderella” Czech cinema actress Libius Safrankova – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The death of the Czech actress Libius Safrankova, who was famous for her role in the movie “Three Nuts for Cinderella”, was absent, as she died Wednesday at the age of 68, CNN Prima News reported, citing her son.

In this very famous film directed by Czech Vaclav Vorlicic in 1973, Libius Safrankova plays the role of a very young Cinderella who dances and masters the use of a crossbow and climbing trees.

German actors such as Carola Braunbock, Rolf Hoebe and Karen Lech played key roles in this film, which is re-run by television stations in the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland every year during the Christmas season.

Part of the film was shot in the picturesque Moritzburg castle in Saxony in the former German Democratic Republic, where an annual exhibition dedicated to it has been held since 2009.

Safrankova is very popular in her country, and has participated in dozens of films, including “Kolya”, which won the Oscar in 1996, and in many films and television series.

The actress has been battling lung cancer for years and is married to actor Josef Abraham, who starred in the 2011 movie “Living”, directed by the late Czech president and playwright Vaclav Havel.



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