The deaf cat “Achilles” predicts the winner of the match between Russia and Belgium in the European Cup


The cat “Achilles” predicted the victory of the Belgian team against its Russian host, in the match that will bring them together today, Saturday, in Saint Petersburg, in the opening matches of the second group of the European Nations Championship.The deaf cat “Achilles” from birth, who was guarding the precious paintings of mice in the famous “Hermitage” Museum in St. One of them flags one of the two countries participating in the match, and the bowl of the team that Achilles starts eating from is the favorite to win the match.

Today, two bowls full of food are placed in front of the deaf cat, and the flag of Russia is placed near the first bowl, while the flag of Belgium is placed near the second bowl.And “Achilles” chose the second pot, and this means that he predicts the victory of Belgium over its Russian counterpart.

Achilles had accurately determined the winner of the opening match of the European Nations Cup, when he predicted Italy’s victory over Turkey, on Friday.

Source: Russia Today


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