The daughter of Amal Arafa and Abdel Moneim Al-Amayri grew up and became a beautiful young woman.. Get to know her (photos)


The Syrian artist, Amal Arafa, celebrated, through her accounts on social networks, the birthday of her eldest daughter, who turned sixteen.

And she said on her official account on the “Instagram” application, commenting on her daughter’s picture: “From 16 years ago, I became a mother, Salma Al-Omar, Chloe, my soul, and God protects everyone’s children.”“.

And she added in another post through the feature of comics (Story): “My girl’s heart has turned 16 years old, and I am satisfied and raised with you, O soul of the soul.”“.

Salma, daughter of Arafa, from the Syrian artist Abdel Moneim Al-Amayri, won the admiration of commentators, especially as she became a beautiful young woman full of beauty, femininity and spontaneity.

In 2001, Arafa married Al-Amayri, and they had two daughters, Salma in 2005 and Maryam in 2008. And in 2015 we announced their final separation..

In another context, the United Arab Emirates granted Arafa the golden residency, to join a long convoy of artists, as part of a step honoring the creators in their fields..


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