The Crown Prince of Sharjah chairs the Executive Council meeting


Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah and Chairman of the Executive Council, affirmed that government work in the Emirate of Sharjah comes in accordance with main directions aimed at achieving development in various fields through clear-visioned policies and plans that all government departments and bodies work on within an integrated system in government work. Pioneer.
This came during His Highness presiding this morning the meeting of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Sharjah, which bore the number 1000, in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah and Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council in the House of Wisdom in Sharjah.

The Crown Prince of Sharjah said that since the issuance of the law establishing the Executive Council, the Council has been working with sound directives, wise visions and insights from His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah, in order to advance society and provide all services and needs to citizens and residents of Sharjah.

He added: Through the council’s march, the permanent cooperation between the federal and local government agencies was a key factor in achieving progress and reaching the achievements, as we all proceed with one vision and within the directions of the wise leadership that makes the human being the essential element in development.

On the challenges that faced government work and the achievements that have been made, he said: We went through many challenges that highlighted the strength of the foundation on which we are working. Everyone, today Sharjah is more capable of facing challenges, and better prepared for any emergency circumstances. Today, we complete a thousand sessions that resulted in thousands of decisions, initiatives and projects whose positive impact everyone sees everywhere throughout the emirate.

The Chairman of the Executive Council expressed his sincere thanks to all those who contributed to the government work in the Emirate of Sharjah, saying: I thank all members and former general secretaries who had a role in the achievements made during the Council’s march, and I thank the General Secretariat’s work team for their efforts that contribute to the Council’s performance of its duties on To the fullest, I also thank you all for your efforts, dedication, commitment and sincere work for your country and leadership and for the service of all members of society, and remember that every achievement you achieve makes us proud, and draws happiness on the faces of the people of Sharjah.

He renewed confidence in all workers in the government of Sharjah, saying: My trust in you is great.. and we have greater and more achievements ahead of us that we will achieve together.. so that Sharjah remains prosperous, developed and strong.. our homeland deserves more and better from us always.

For his part, His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah and Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council, praised the permanent support and directives of His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah, which was a clear path for the work of the Council from its inception until it reached the 1000th session.

His Highness stressed the role of the Council in drawing up the general policy of the Emirate in an integrated manner among all government departments and bodies, to achieve the main objectives and develop the various sectors in a way that brings the community the best services and achievements.

His Highness praised the role of His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah and Chairman of the Executive Council, in the management of the Council and its follow-up to government work affairs, which was reflected in the level of government services and contributed to their development.

His Highness, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council, explained that the Emirate of Sharjah pays attention to all segments of society within its plans and strategies, in order to provide them with rehabilitation, care, services and facilities in all cities and regions of the emirate.

His Highness praised the role of all government departments and bodies in cooperating to achieve the emirate’s goals, raise the needs of society, and provide distinguished government services that provide residents in the emirate with stability and a decent life.

During its meeting, the Council discussed a number of important governmental issues on its agenda and took the necessary decisions regarding the continuation of the development of government work and the provision of integrated services to all residents and visitors of Sharjah.

The Council was briefed on a visual presentation on the vital sectors in the Emirate of Sharjah and its most prominent achievements represented in the Emirate’s obtaining many international and regional titles, awards and recognitions of Sharjah’s pioneering infrastructure in various fields.

The presentation included a number of statistics represented in the provision of 25,000 jobs since 2010, the granting of 58,000 plots of land that varied between residential and investment since 1998, and 8,316 citizens benefiting from housing support, 107,000 beneficiaries of the health insurance system, and economic growth that reached 184 thousand commercial licenses since 2001.

The Council issued Resolution No. (17) for the year 2021 AD regarding the establishment and organization of the Sharjah Digital Office, and the resolution stipulated that an office called: (Sharjah Digital Office) would be established in the emirate, with the legal personality and legal capacity necessary to achieve its objectives and exercise its competencies, affiliated with the General Secretariat of the Council and work under its supervision. The head office of the office shall be in the city of Sharjah, and upon the approval of the Executive Council, it may establish branches or other offices for it in the rest of the cities and regions of the Emirate.

According to the decision, the office aims to achieve the following:

1- Striving to achieve digital transformation in the emirate, in the service of all segments of society, by relying on qualified cadres with advanced work procedures and technical systems.

2- Raising awareness among government agencies of the importance of digital transformation.

3- Increasing the efficiency of government services and information to keep pace with developments and provide them through the Sharjah digital platform and the official electronic portal of the government.

4- Providing digital support and the legislative framework for the implementation of the general strategy for digital transformation.

In accordance with the decision, in order to achieve its objectives, the office shall exercise the following functions:

1- Drawing up and developing the general policy and strategic plans related to digital transformation and data policies at the level of the Emirate, setting the necessary plans and programs for their implementation, and ensuring coordination of related initiatives.

2- Preparing specifications that guarantee the optimal use of modern technologies and data, data analysis practices and artificial intelligence in government agencies and following up on their implementation.

3- Supervising, operating and developing the official portal of the government on the Internet and the Sharjah Digital Application.

4- Establishing and operating digital platforms to provide electronic services in coordination with the concerned authorities.

5- Supervising the digital transformation in the Emirate, setting the necessary standards and indicators, its operational plans and governance, and following up the level of compliance with its objectives for government agencies in line with the objectives, policies and strategies set by the government to ensure their achievement.

6- Follow-up and review of performance indicators related to digital transformation and enhancing the emirate’s competitiveness on local and international indicators, and coordinating with government agencies regarding them.

7- Studying the digital transformation needs of government agencies to ensure their efficient implementation.

8- Coordinating joint efforts between public and private sector institutions in order to manage the digital transformation system and encourage their participation in designing and providing electronic services to the public.

9- Reviewing and approving the requirements for digital transformation in the Emirate, including initiatives and projects proposed by government agencies and designated for government services, to ensure their unification at the Emirate level.

10- Cooperating with the concerned authorities in preparing a guide for the development of organizational structures for information technology departments in government agencies in line with the digital transformation strategy, as well as in preparing specifications for the open data platform at the level of the emirate.

11- Coordinating with the Human Resources Department in the Emirate regarding the training courses and plans for the employees of government agencies related to digital transformation.

12- Preparing the evidence related to the digital transformation of government agencies after presenting them to the Council and approving them.

13- Providing consultations, suggestions and recommendations to government agencies to overcome the challenges and obstacles they may face in implementing digital transformation.

14- Representing the Emirate in local, regional and international conferences, seminars and events related to digital transformation.

15- Concluding contracts, agreements, memoranda of understanding and partnerships after being approved by the Board.

16- Any other functions assigned to it by the Council.

The resolution stipulates that the office shall be managed by a manager appointed by a decision of the Board and responsible to it in the performance of its duties assisted by a sufficient number of employees, and shall have the necessary powers and authorities to manage the affairs of the office and take the necessary decisions to achieve its objectives. In particular, he shall have the following:

1- Proposing the general policy of the office, preparing a roadmap for digital transformation, proposing initiatives and projects in priority sectors and submitting them to the Council’s General Secretariat for approval or necessary action.

2- Supervising the workflow of the office in accordance with the legislation in force, and issuing the necessary circulars and administrative decisions for this.

3- Forming the permanent and temporary committees affiliated with the office and defining their terms of reference and working mechanism.

4- Submit the necessary reports, recommendations and proposals on the work of the office and the challenges it faces to the Council.

5- Preparing the budget of the office for discussion and approval in accordance with the legislation in force.

6- Executing the disbursement of the office’s budget within the appropriations assigned to it in accordance with the legislation in force.

7- Signing contracts, agreements, memoranda of understanding and partnerships concluded by the office.

8- Representing the office before the judiciary, governmental and private agencies, and in its relations with others.

9- Delegating some of his powers or competencies to other office employees.

10- Any other functions assigned to it by the Council.

The Council launched the Sharjah Digital Platform, which is a unified digital platform for services provided by local and federal government agencies and the private sector in the Emirate of Sharjah. The platform aims to provide various services on one platform, provide integrated and interconnected services, provide them with easy and fast procedures, and give the customer a distinct experience based on his interests and motives .

The digital platform is designed according to the latest technologies and with various features that enable all groups wishing to obtain the services provided. In its first phase, the platform provides a number of targeted services targeting different sectors such as transportation, real estate, business, utility services and social services.

The Council approved the second batch for the year 2021 AD of those entitled to grant residential lands in the Emirate of Sharjah, and the number of beneficiaries of the second batch amounted to 1,300 beneficiaries who fulfilled the conditions, bringing the total beneficiaries of the first and second batches to 2410 beneficiaries in all cities and regions of the emirate.


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