The country is disintegrating and we have entered a fatal and catastrophic phase


A member of the Strong Lebanon bloc, MP Alain Aoun, hopes that “we will eventually reach the formation of a government, especially after the prospect of early parliamentary elections has been blocked.”In an interview with “Spot Shot”, Alain Aoun warned that “the country is rapidly decomposing and we need a quick solution, away from the path of fatal stagnation that we have entered.”

Since the crisis has reached this level, Aoun stressed that “serious steps must be taken in the file of government formation, as the pace of the living, social and financial collapse is much faster than the pace of addressing political crises.

He added, “If Prime Minister Saad Hariri had a good relationship with President Michel Aoun and the head of the Strong Lebanon bloc, Gibran Bassil, this would have reflected positively on the government file.”

The MP from the Free Patriotic Movement wished, in the event that Speaker Nabih Berri’s initiative failed, that “the Shiite duo would reveal to public opinion where things got hampered.”

And MP Aoun added: “If the latest efforts do not succeed, this is a disaster because that means more disintegration of the state and the lives of the Lebanese with it.”

And Alain Aoun warned that “the mousse has reached the basic matters in our lives, and we must rectify ourselves at the last moment, for the stagnation means more descent to the bottom of the abyss.”

Prime Minister Saad Hariri also called “to resign if he sees that it is impossible for a government to be formed under his leadership,” noting that “the obstacles are many.”

He asked, “If Hariri apologizes for forming the government, is there a serious alternative to him? Therefore, we must think together about what we will do, and we must reach an understanding about how to manage this stage.”

In conclusion, MP Alain Aoun considered that “the issue has gone beyond the idea of ​​President Aoun’s era and its end, and has become linked to the country’s slipping into apathy.”


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