The conclusion of the World Cup for artistic gymnastics for men and women Qatar 2021


  Ukraine's Diana Varenska holds gold on the parallel beam (Bruce White/Getty)</p><div><p>The championship competitions ended today <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">world Cup</a> For men's and women's artistic gymnastics Qatar 2021, in its 13th edition of qualifying for the next Tokyo Olympics, which was organized by the Gymnastics Federation over four days in the hall covered by Aspire, amid strict precautionary measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Japanese Yoni Kura won the gold medal, after he achieved first place on the men’s jumping horse, and the Turkish Farhat Arkan won the gold medal on the parallel device of various heights.

In the men’s pull-up competition, Cypriot Marius Gregory won the first place and the gold medal.

In the women’s competition, she won the first place and the gold medal on the Ukrainian parallel beam Diana Varneska.

On the floor exercise device, Italian Vince Ferrari won the gold medal, after she achieved first place.
Ali Al-Hitmi, President of the Gymnastics Federation, praised the outstanding technical level of the tournament, which was presented by gymnasts during the four days of the tournament, especially in the finals, which witnessed fierce competition by all players.

Al-Hitmi said in a statement after the end of the tournament: “We congratulate all the players and players who won medals, and we wish better luck to those who did not succeed, as the competition was strong and everyone aspired to climb the podiums and win a medal.”

Regarding the lack of press coverage inside the Aspire Hall and the absence of the masses, the President of the Gymnastics Federation added, “The conditions of the Corona pandemic forced us to hold the tournament without an audience, of course the audience contributes to the success of any tournament, but everyone enjoyed from behind the screens a good level,” indicating that “” The organizing committee received many praises for the distinguished organization despite the pandemic, and there was a strong commitment by all participants to the precautionary measures.

Regarding the Qatari participation in the tournament, he said that the player Ahmed Al-Diyani is a good player, “I was hoping that he would achieve a better position because he had more.. Perhaps the current circumstances affected his level due to the lack of foreign participation and international friction as was the case in the past, and there was no time Enough before the tournament to prepare well.”

As for the national team player, Doha Al-Habashi, Al-Hitmi confirmed that she is a promising player, and much is expected of her, because she has started to set her foot on the right path. This is her first participation in the World Cup, and she presented a distinguished performance with the testimony of all participants and qualified for the finals for the first time.

Ali Al-Hitmi thanked all the committees working in the tournament for the distinguished effort they made, which led to the championship’s safety and success.



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