The case of Prince Hamzah: the military trial of the former head of the Jordanian court, Basem Awadallah, next week


King Abdullah and his wife, Prince Hamzah and his wife

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King Abdullah expressed his shock after the eruption of the case and knowing the details of the sedition in which Prince Hamzah was involved

Next week, the Jordanian military court will begin the trial procedures of the former royal court chief, along with a member of the royal family, on charges of inciting to destabilize the monarchy, according to Jordanian official media on Sunday.

Last week, prosecutors referred the case of the former chief of staff and finance minister, Basem Awadallah, who played a major role in the plan to liberalize Jordan’s economy, in which Sharif Hassan Zaid, a member of the Hashemite family and a relative of the king, is also accused.

On Sunday, the official Petra news agency said that the State Security Court’s Attorney General, Hazem Al-Majali, approved the indictment issued by the State Security Court’s prosecutor, in the case related to the defendants Bassem Ibrahim Youssef Awadallah and Sharif Abdul Rahman Hassan Zaid Hussein.


According to the indictment, both of them are accused of inciting opposition to the existing political regime in the Kingdom and carrying out actions that endanger the safety and security of society and cause sedition.


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