The British Ministry of Health will investigate the leaked video of the resigned minister, Matt Hancock, kissing his colleague


Hancock and his colleague Jenna

photo released, EPA

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Filming Hancock kissing his colleague Jenna raised questions about why cameras are placed in ministries offices and who has access to them.

Northern Ireland Secretary of State Brandon Lewis said the Department of Health will investigate how video footage from the office of British Health Secretary Matt Hancock showing him kissing his colleague was leaked.

And the video, published by the British newspaper The Sun, caused Hancock to resign because he did not adhere to the precautionary measures to deal with the Corona epidemic, and he was accepting a female colleague at work.

“We have to understand how it happened and how to deal with it,” Northern Ireland’s minister of state for Northern Ireland told the BBC about the video leak.

The Sun said it obtained the CCTV video from “a whistleblower interested in the situation inside Whitehall”.


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