The Biden-Putin summit “passed peacefully”… and pledges for a comprehensive dialogue


US Presidents Joe Biden and Russian Vladimir Putin met, Wednesday, in Geneva, where they held a summit that lasted hours, but ended faster than expected, in which they discussed various issues of contention between the two countries. A useful step, pointing out that the United States is trying to identify areas of common interest with Russia, while Putin expressed his hope that the meeting would be fruitful, before the two sides pledged to launch a comprehensive US-Russian dialogue.
The summit, which passed peacefully, consisted of three parts, the first of which included talks between Putin and Biden, in the presence of Foreign Ministers Sergei Lavrov and Anthony Blinken. The summit agenda included a wide range of issues, including strategic stability, combating the coronavirus pandemic, combating cybercrime, economic cooperation, climate change, and various regional conflicts, in addition to outstanding issues in bilateral relations between Moscow and Washington. As expected, Putin and Biden held separate press conferences in the wake of the summit.
good and positive
For his part, Biden described the discussions he had with Putin as “positive”, and said in a press conference after the summit that “the tone of the entire meeting was good and positive,” adding: “I made it clear that we will not tolerate attempts to violate our democratic sovereignty or destabilize our democratic elections, and we will respond.” If that happens, he also warns that any future Russian cyber attacks will affect sensitive US infrastructure. Biden said he told Putin that his agenda was “not directed against Russia, but rather for the Americans.” Biden said he told Putin that Moscow and Washington should cooperate, where cooperation was not possible.
On the Ukrainian issue, Biden revealed his agreement with Putin to resort to diplomacy to resolve their differences based on the Minsk Agreement. The US president added that he informed Putin of the “unwavering commitment of the United States to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”
As for the file related to human rights, Biden said that he told Putin that “human rights will always be on the table,” adding, “I told him that this is our DNA, this is what we are.” Regarding Navalny, Biden said that the consequences of his death, if he died, would be “devastating for Russia.”
constructive and fruitful
Putin announced that his first direct meeting with Biden was constructive, and Putin said during a press conference that “the conversation was very constructive,” adding that they “agreed to start consultations on cyber security.” At a time the two countries are accusing each other of committing a large number of cyber attacks. He added that “the largest number of cyber-attacks in the world comes from the United States,” and criticized Washington’s lack of cooperation in this regard.
Putin said Washington should not worry about Russia’s militarization of the strategic Arctic, where Russia does not hide its ambitions. He said that “the concern of the American side about militarization is baseless… On the contrary, I am convinced that we should cooperate.”
Putin also announced an agreement with Biden on the return of their ambassadors. Putin also announced that he and his American counterpart had discussed the possibility of a prisoner exchange, pointing to the possibility of reaching “settlements.”
Putin considered that the imprisoned dissident Alexei Navalny broke the law when he went to Germany for treatment after being poisoned. In reference to Navalny’s violation of the terms of the suspended prison sentence.
Upon his arrival in Geneva, the Russian President headed directly to Villa Lagrange, where he was received by the Swiss President, J. Parmelan. Putin shook hands with his Swiss counterpart in front of the media lenses at the gates of the villa. About 12 minutes later, the motorcade of US President Biden, who also shook hands with the Swiss president, arrived at La Grange at the villa’s gates.
Putin shook hands with Biden and the two presidents went to the headquarters of the summit. Before the start of negotiations, Putin thanked Biden for his suggestion to hold this meeting, and hoped that the summit would be fruitful.
For his part, the US President expressed his conviction that the face-to-face meeting represents a useful step in trying to reduce tension between the two countries. Pointing out that the United States is trying to identify areas of common interest with Russia.
Earlier on Wednesday, the Russian delegation accompanying Putin to the talks, including Foreign Minister Lavrov, Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, Assistant to the President Yury Ushakov, Deputy Head of the Russian President’s Administration Dmitry Kozak, and the Russian President’s Special Envoy to the Russian Federation, arrived at Villa Lagrange. Surya Alexander Lavrentiev.
And CNN reported that the expanded delegation accompanying Biden includes: Secretary of State Blinken, Deputy Minister for Political Affairs Victoria Noland, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Eric Green, the official on Russia and Central Asia in the National Security Council, and Washington’s ambassador to the United States. Moscow John Sullivan.


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