The artist, “Hala Sedky” threatens her husband to prevent him from entering Egypt .. And reveals dangerous secrets about their relationship_video


Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian actress, Hala Sedky, vowed to prevent her husband from entering Egypt if she spoke, saying: “I have dangerous secrets.”

Hala Sedky said, during a telephone interview with the “Cairo Talk” program, broadcast on “Cairo and the People” channel, that she “refused any conversations or conversations with her husband for 7 years, since he left her life and her children, refusing any conversation with him or phone calls.” She explained that she helped his father, although he did not communicate with her.

She pointed out: “Seven years ago, she and her children were subjected to insults in abusive words by her husband via Facebook, adding that despite her request in the “House of Obedience”, she does not know the reason for all these conversations, and that her religion does not include a “house of obedience” or divorce. .

She indicated that during the period of her children’s travel to participate in a sports tournament, they were arrested because they were prevented from traveling due to the travel ban by their father, explaining that she tried to spare her children these problems, but she could not.

And she continued, “We don’t have a divorce and Josie talks like this because of fame. And my mother’s mercy, if I talk about the Egyptian people’s nuts, they will not enter Egypt.”


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