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The coach of Al-Taei team, Muhammad Al-Kuki, confirmed that his team deserved to be promoted to the Saudi Professional League, and that the team faced many difficulties during its career in the first division, indicating that their goal next season is to stay and be in the warm regions.Al-Kuki pointed out that the rise came with the combined efforts of all players, technical staff, management and great support from the club’s administration headed by Fahd Al-Dabaan, and we had insistence on achieving the rise and we succeeded in overcoming all challenges and difficulties.

Who is Muhammad Al-Kooki?

A former Tunisian player such as Olympique Béji, Mouloudia El Dandan and the Tunisian national team. Most of my training stations in the Tunisian Premier League were with the Tunisian Stadium, Nejm El-Metlaoui, Ittihad Tataouine, Gafsa Caravans, and Olympique Béji. The Saudi League had two experiences, the first: With Damak and we succeeded in getting the team to the Saudi Professional League for the first time in its history, and the second experience: It was with Al-Taie and we succeeded in getting the team up to the Professional League. I coached 3 teams in my career in the first division, one team in Tunisia and two teams in Saudi Arabia and succeeded in climbing with the three teams.

How would you rate your experience in the Saudi Premier League with Al-Taie?

My experience was successful in all respects, and we achieved an achievement by contributing to the team’s rise to the professional league after a 14-year absence. The success was tangible, especially after receiving the team in the sixth round of the league and it is in the last place with a score free of points and is away from third place by 13 points, and its arrival to Point 77 is in third place.

You have achieved a great achievement with the return of Al-Taei, as they call him the adult hunter of the professional league after an absence that lasted for 14 years.. What is the secret behind this success? In my opinion, it is not a great achievement. It is the achievement that Al-Taie corrected his true position among the adults, because of his great and popular history, And in football there are no secrets, there is success from God – the Almighty – then work, seriousness in work, perseverance, discipline, personality and belief that everything is possible in football and nothing is impossible, especially in the first division as they call it (the crazy league) and we know that the arrangement is always Moving, and despite the difficulty of the task, praise be to God, we succeeded, and this is thanks to God, then thanks to the administration, headed by the wonderful president Turki Al-Dabaan, and this is without courtesy, and the support of honor members, headed by Engineer Saud Al-Saqia, and Al-Taie is envious of the presence of a member of honor the size of this distinguished personality, and the stance of the masses, especially in times The difficult one, it is true that he was far from the stands, but he was close to our hearts, and we could sense his support for the team with every effort he made, and he even contributed financially to support the team at one point.

Was your goal from the start to get up, or did luck have a role in this achievement?

Let me speak in all humility, if you see the biography, you know that I am not a coach who provided Al-Taie for training in the first division, and I have been training for 17 years and all of them were with clubs playing in the Premier League, and I trained twice in the first division as I mentioned to you previously in Tunisia and Saudi Arabia And I went up in all of them, when I came to Hail, my goal was to go up and not to avoid relegation or just stay, and my conversation with the club president was clear in a phone call, which we did not even touch on financial matters, and I watched a number of the registered team’s meetings, and when I saw the individual capabilities of the players I had faith That this team is able to develop and achieve the goals that the club seeks, foremost of which is the rise.

The competition was fierce with Al-Jabaline, the team located in the same city.. The competition continued until the last round.. Was this causing pressure on you as a coach and on the players as well? From my point of view, the coach and the player who does not work well under pressure must sit at home, and not work In the world of football, our work is full of pressures and challenges, it is true that they are present in football and sometimes they affect some clubs, and the pressures we used as a positive weapon, especially that the two mountains were superior to us in the standings, and we were determined to join the ranks of the leading teams and achieve our goal of going up regardless of Al-Jabaline as traditional rivals and a rival team that was in third place.

A season that was exceptional, coinciding with the Corona pandemic, and without the presence of the masses and a short preparation for a long season.. What difficulties did you face?

It was a difficult season for everyone, I did not start with the team from the beginning, I took over the reins of the team after 5 rounds, and for sure all the teams suffered, especially Al-Tai, who changed the team’s skin greatly, and did not prepare well, and there were problems on the physical level due to the short period between the end of the season And its beginning, but the coach who accepts the task must take responsibility and come out with minimal damage, and in the first match I played with the team against one, I achieved a tie and we succeeded in restoring confidence to the players and stopping the series of negative results, and after that we set a record in the first round by achieving 14 games without Loss.

Everyone should know the value of the technical and administrative work that was presented in Al-Taei. I started leading the team from the sixth round and led the team in 33 games, obtaining 77 points. If we arrange the teams from the sixth round, you will find the first Al-Taei 17 to meet with a clean sheet, the best line of defense and the third strongest line of attack, Figures indicated that the rise was well-deserved.

The Tunisian coach has presented himself impressively over the past years in the First Division in particular.. This season, all the clubs rising to the professional league were led by Tunisian coaches.. What is the secret?

The Tunisian coach is known for his efficiency in all the Arab world, and there are big names that preceded us here in Saudi Arabia, which opened the door to the Tunisian coach. You can find him in all the leagues in Saudi Arabia and find him in the Qatari and Kuwaiti leagues, and the Tunisian league. All teams are trained by a Tunisian coach. Wherever he goes, he finds welcome, and this indicates the efficiency The Tunisian coach, who always makes his mark, and what happened in the first division is normal for a league trained by 80% of Tunisian coaches, and thank God, if this indicates efficiency, experience and distinction.

You attracted many experienced players, such as Mokhtar Fallatah and Rashid Al Raheeb.. Was experience what Al Taie lacked?

In the winter period, the options were limited, and we tried to combine experience and ambition, and Mukhtar Fallatah was a big name and was influential outside the field sometimes and helped us as a technical staff, and the same thing Rashed Al-Raheeb made a great addition to the team with the amount of experience he possessed, and the element of experience was an important matter inside and outside the field for a team with Important goals such as climbing.

In your opinion, is the promotion to the professional league easy .. and what does the club need in order to ascend?

Going up is not easy and playing in the first division is not easy, a very stressful league, one of the longest Arab leagues, 38 matches and we reached a match every 3 days, even in Ramadan, it needs a long breath, good planning and management, and it needs financial and technical capabilities, and those who do not have the financial and technical capabilities And a long breath, confidence and patience will not be able to succeed, and the team cannot rise if it does not provide all these capabilities.

The first division is said to be long and boring.. How did you deal with it?

In fact, it is a long and boring league. The mental aspect in it is important. It needs continuous stimulation for the players and you are close to them. The exercises in the team must be diversified, in addition to the diversification of instructions and speeches. Dealing with it must be smart, and each stage needs a specific speech and certain requirements, and you must try to involve all the players and rotate in the team. To avoid fatigue and serious injuries.

What are your preparations for the Saudi Professional League after renewing confidence in you as a coach to lead the team next season?

Our preparation in Al-Tai has started from now, in order to set the broad lines, regarding the registration of players and the identification of the list of needs in the team, and the same for the external camp and a special preparation period. We wish God success because the tools are the most important.

What are your goals for the next season? Shall we say that Al-Tai declares the challenge?

Our goals lie in ensuring survival, we must have our personality and try to make our mark in every meeting, and to respect the competitors and not fear them, and we are working on preparing our team. In warm regions, I always say Al-Taei came to stay.

What does technical stability in football mean to you?

Technical stability in football is the path to success, and there is no success without stability, and technical work requires time and patience, and needs an opportunity to implement all plans.

The Saudi referee, there is a lot of attack on him.. How did you watch the Saudi referee and how did you watch the mouse technique? My opinion of the Saudi referee I said from the first attendance in the 2018 season with Damk, I admire the Saudi referee and there are some referees who are not at the level of the league, but most of them are distinguished by strong personality and fitness There are those who raise the pace of the match, because the rhythm of the match is the responsibility of the referee, because some teams are trying to calm the rhythm by wasting time and negative play, which affects the rhythm of the match, and there are interpretations and errors are present and impossible to end, and the best referee is the one who makes the fewest mistakes, must It does not affect the aesthetics of the game and the format of the match, and the use of the mouse is important and the decision-making must be faster, and the referee of the mouse must take the decision in some cases so as not to affect the format of the match and not affect the aesthetic of the league, the most beautiful in the Arab world.

In your opinion, why are the first-class players not in the Saudi national team?

This happens in all world leagues, not only Saudi Arabia, because they see that the format in the professional league is higher, the responsible coach must be asked this question, and I, as a coach, as a technician, if a player in the first division has the technical, physical, tactical and mental capabilities that allow him to join the team, I don’t think there is any other reason why he should not join the national team.

A final word, what would you like to say to Al-Taie fans and the team’s fans?

I renew my congratulations to the Al-Taie team on the occasion of their promotion to the Saudi Professional League (Premier League), this return, which faced many difficulties, but thank God it was a well-deserved return, and we promise that we will spare no effort to return Al-Taie to his natural place, and I can say that it is the beginning of restoring the great glory of Al-Taie Club. And I tell them that your team is in safe hands at the technical and administrative level, and we need your standing in the coming period… We will not disappoint you, God willing.

Curriculum Vitae..

Mohammed bin Othman Al-Kouki

Tunisian coach

Married with three children

Bachelor of Mathematics

Master of Sports Training Professorship in Science and Activities of Sports and Physical Techniques Training Certificate A from the African Union


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