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DICE and EA have finally lifted the curtain on the next installment of the Battlefield franchise, a huge title that is, in the near future, a sandbox called Battlefield 2042The developers obviously hope that this game will help players forget all about Battlefield V.

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Battlefield 2042 is no surprise to anyone who was attentive, a few leaks recently spoiled the game idea and some key details, but now it’s all official, Battlefield 2042 is set in a near-future world devastated by catastrophes caused by… the climateleading to the most serious refugee crisis in human history.

(Watch) What to expect at the biggest video game conference E3 2021

The people who are displaced are called Non-Patriated أو No-PatsSoldiers are recruited among them to fight in a world war waged by the United States and Russia.

Battlefield 2042 has three main modes: All-Out Warfare و Hazard Zone And with a third puzzle experience in development at DICE LA, we know two things about Hazard: It’s team-based and it’s

Definitely not a battle royale, All-Out Warfare also includes Conquest and Breakthrough modes, which are fan favorites, which are different from Battle Royale.

You can play it online, or play solo against soldiers Artificial intelligenceThe developers at DICE said the AI ​​gameplay is more of a training ground for new players and new strategies, while online play is the real therapy.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 contains the largest environments in franchise history, including maps in South Korea, Singapore, Egypt, Qatar and the largest of them all, Antarctica. These maps contain live events that can disrupt gameplay, such as a missile SpaceX Which will go off as planned or explode on the launch pad, huge shipping containers randomly picked up in the sky, taking everyone inside.

The game will support matches of up to 128 players on PC, platform

Xbox Series X و S ، و PlayStation 5On Xbox One and PS4, the number of rounds will be limited to 64 players, and the maps will be scaled down a bit. Other than that, updates and gameplay will be the same on all platforms, although DICE has yet to confirm cross-play capabilities.

Battlefield 2042 introduces a new approach to character classes, there will be 10 unique specialists in the game, each with unique weapons and abilities, but also opportunities for customization, there are four specialists confirmed so far: reconnaissance, assault, support, and engineer.

Battlefield 2042

is locked يتم weapon The primary option is for each specialist while the secondary is up to the player, for example, the attack specialist always has a grappling rifle and an attribute that makes him smarter, while the reconnaissance specialist gets a reconnaissance drone that shoots EMP arrows, and the ability to sense nearby enemy movement, can then equip any Get a sniper rifle, grenade launcher, or automatic weapon, as you like.

There are also dynamic weather events built into the environments, including a hurricane that randomly appears on any map, sucking up vehicles and players alike, either running away from Cyclone, or find a way to use it to your advantage, one of those ways might be a winged suit, although the DICE developers won’t confirm which professionals will have access to this fashion item.

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