The anniversary of the death of the artist Abdullah Mahmoud today.. He passed away from brain cancer at the age of 41


Today, Wednesday, June 9, marks the anniversary of the death of the artist Abdullah Mahmoud, who starred in the eighties and nineties by presenting many second roles that achieved success and spread for him in this period, as Abdullah Mahmoud’s father on December 6, 1959, and began his artistic career as a child with friends of his age Mohsen Mohieldin and Ahmed Salama through television, and his debut was in the series “Al-Bostagy” in 1974.

Abdullah Mahmoud
Abdullah Mahmoud

The movie “Alexandria Les” with director Youssef Chahine in 1978 recorded the beginning of his real cinematic debut, after which he presented many cinematic works, most notably “Shams El-Zanati, Hanafi El-Abha, El-Mawlid” in front of the star Adel Imam and the film “Reservation is a duty, the Emperor” in front of the late star Ahmed Zaki. And he presented his most beautiful roles in the movie “The Ring and the Bracelet” with the star Sherihan and Ferdous Abdel Hamid, and “The Road to Eilat”.

Artist Abdullah Mahmoud
Artist Abdullah Mahmoud

He stood in front of the international star Omar Sharif in the movie “The Egyptian Citizen” by the late director Salah Abu Seif, and then achieved success in television dramas in a number of series, most notably “The Peg”, “The Fire Bird”, “The Mill”, “The Knights”, “Mountain Wolves” On the stage, he participated in many plays, including “Bab Al-Tawfiq”, “The Story of the Western Neighborhood”, “Qutb Al-Rijal” and “Gentlemen of the Children”.

Abdullah Mahmoud (2)
Abdullah Mahmoud

His son, the young artist Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, who participated in many works, including the series “Hidden Worlds”, “Without Evidence”, “Taya”, “Sleight of Hand”, “Above the Clouds”, “Abu Al-Arousa”, and Abdullah Mahmoud was diagnosed with cancer. Brain, and passed away on June 9, 2005, when he did not complete his 41st year.

Abdullah Mahmoud from the series
Abdullah Mahmoud from the series “Wolves of the rope”


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