The American University of Sharjah celebrates the Class of Spring 2021 graduates


Sharjah: «Gulf»

Last week, the American University of Sharjah celebrated the students of the Spring 2021 batch of their graduation from the university, during special honoring events on its campus, which concluded with a celebration via video communication, allowing students and their families to participate from all over the world.

The university was keen to implement the procedures, when it welcomed the graduate students, as part of a series of events that started on June 6 and continued for a whole week in the presence of a selected group of university representatives, including Professor Kevin Mitchell, the university’s president.

And honored 440 male and female students in its main building, in events broadcast live, via the Internet, to give an opportunity for family and friends to watch it.

And the Spring 2021 class showed great flexibility to complete its university studies in light of the global pandemic, so these festive events came in honor of the students’ persistence and their ability to adapt to the exceptional situation, which are skills that will be of value to graduates, as they embark on the labor market, or are heading towards completing their higher studies. .

The celebrations continued until Saturday, June 12, with the celebration organized by the university, remotely, for the entire batch of 657 graduates. The celebration was accompanied by congratulatory messages from the university president and deans of the faculties, as well as a celebration of special memories of the graduates, and letters of representatives of the class.

“My time at university showed me what I am capable of,” said Katia Canakri, a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies graduate and Sheikh Khalifa Scholarship recipient. I discovered a lot about myself, my interests, and my abilities. The American of Sharjah has completely exceeded my expectations, and I greatly appreciate it.”

As for the graduate Abdullah Al-Hajar, who majored in chemical engineering, during his years at the university, he witnessed a personal and academic transformation. He was not sure what he wanted to do with his life when he first started his university journey, but his experience at the university made him a researcher with published research papers. He has also contributed to advanced research in water treatment, energy development, biomedical engineering and materials science.

The graduation of the spring of 2021 class was also a milestone for the university, which celebrated the graduation of the first batch of doctoral students, as Mustafa Al-Tikriti, Hassan Mahmoud, and Taha Anjamroz obtained a doctorate in engineering systems management. Each student received the traditional doctoral scarf from the college supervisor, during a special ceremony, representing their transition from the title of student to the title of fellow.

Professor Mitchell said on the occasion, “We are very proud of the Spring 2021 graduates, and we are delighted to welcome them back to our campus, to celebrate their achievements. We are also looking forward to events honoring previous classes that graduated during the pandemic. The Spring 2021 graduates join American University of Sharjah graduates and their contributions to making the world a better place.”

Distribution of graduates by colleges: Architecture, Arts and Design: 96. Arts and Sciences: 96. Engineering: 298. College of Business Administration: 167.


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