The absence of Muhammad Mounir from his honoring ceremony raises questions.. and this is the reality of his illness


The Egyptian artist missedMohamed MounirAbout an honoring ceremony held for him inCatholic Center Film Festival​, due to his health condition, which sparked controversy over the fact that he was infected with the “Corona” virus.
It turned out that the reason for Munir’s absence from the honor was that he received the second dose of the Corona vaccine, and that he suffered from mild symptoms resulting from receiving the vaccine.
Mounir assured the audience that he is in good health and does not suffer from any health crises, but he was forced to miss the honor because the date of receiving the second dose of the Corona vaccine coincided with the date of the ceremony.
It is noteworthy that Mounir was supposed to be honored last week, in the 69th session, but he apologized for attending, and the award was received by Egyptian actress Hala Sedky.


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