That’s why Bitcoin fell to its lowest level in 3 weeks


bitcoin landed, Cryptocurrency The world’s most famous, to a three-week low on Tuesday, June 8, amid signs of caution from institutional investors, while the head of the US tax administration called on Congress to give his administration clear legal powers regarding the reporting of cryptocurrency transfers, CNBC reported.

and landed Bitcoin 4.5% to 32055.20 dollars in the late trading session, after it fell during the session to 31025 dollars, its lowest level since the nineteenth of May, when it plunged to about 30 thousand dollars for the first time since January.

Bitcoin fell over the course of May by about 35.4%, and since the beginning of June, Bitcoin has fallen 4.8%.

In contrast, Ether, the second largest cryptocurrency, continued to attract inflows of $33 million last week.

Since the beginning of the year, inflows to Ether products and funds totaled $1 billion.


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