Tariq Al-Shennawi: There is no reconciliation or quarrel with Ghada Abdel Razek.. what happened last year is repeated | Video


Art critic Tariq Al-Shennawi clarified that he is not in a state of reconciliation or quarrel with the artist Ghada Abdel Razek, and that his opinion on her series last Ramadan “Meat Deer” is a repetition of his opinion on her series in Ramadan before the last “Sultana Al Moez”.

During a telephone interview with the media, Khair Ramadan, and the media, Karima Awad, on the “Hadith Al-Qahirah” program on Al-Qahirah Wal-Nas channel, Tariq Al-Shennawi recalled what happened last year, when he said, in the context of evaluating Ramadan works, that the series “Sultana Al-Moez” will not complete the race, indicating that In the same hadith, he described Ghada Abdel Razek as a talented actress, and this is still his opinion of her.

Tariq Al-Shennawi said: “She is a talented actress, no doubt, her choices are very bad in recent years, no doubt, and the first wrong thing she does is that she is always looking for another reason… Is Sultana Al-Moez, after a year has passed, do you think that this series deserves to be present? Certainly not.”

He added: “After I said these words, she is Mahabash facing the truth, and she said, O people, don’t believe so and so, I personally have bad experiences with him, and as for his lack of praise, she agrees with him on praise. According to the law, of course, after that, she apologized and submitted an apology through the union, and said the page was hacked, so she does not want to face the truth.

He continued: “This year is the same story, I do not want to face the truth. Deer meat applies to what I said in Sultana Al-Moez. It does not have anything new other than what you know about Ghada, other than the vocabulary that she presents. She does not face time, so time conquers her.”

Commenting on Khairy Ramadan’s reference to the good views that the series enjoyed in the Gulf, Tariq El-Shennawy said: “Ok, but is it one of the most important series in the arena? Obviously not. The important thing is not in this, the most important thing is that you advise someone, your advice may not be correct, But she is loyal, she is living in the time she is in. Her battle today is one thing, she was born in 70, not 65, she is 51 years old, not 56, why? Because she insists on presenting the same characters that she presented before, and this is the truth of a losing battle.”


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