Tamer Hosny thanks Malik Maktabi for a touching video of a blind girl who likes his songs


Tamer Hosny

The Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni published a video through his personal account on the social networking site, in which a blind fan from Lebanon appeared, expressing her love for Tamer.

Tamer commented on the video, saying: “Oh, the most beautiful song of Matar. I don’t know this video is old or new, but I can’t see it right now. Greetings to you and to the great media, the owner of my office, and to all our people in Lebanon. I saw your words about me and your feelings for me and I felt every word in your heart Leah may eh be honest.”

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Tamer Hosni was keen to meet her when he came to Lebanon, where he said: “May God help you, protect you, and fulfill all your dreams. The nearest opportunity is to come to Lebanon.”

The video gained 700,000 views on his Instagram page, and Tamer is awaiting the screening of his new movie “Mesh Ana” in cinemas on Eid al-Adha.


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