Tamer Hosny fulfills a cancer patient’s dream by singing with him.. Video


Amir Fathi wrote on Monday, June 7, 2021 03:50 am – Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni fulfilled the wish of a girl named Nada who suffers from a cancerous tumor in her hand, as he invited her to record a song that brings them together in a gesture to support her.

Tamer Hosni appeared as he entered the recording studio while Nada, who is 15 years old, was singing, and upon seeing him, she could not contain herself with joy.

Nada’s family had contacted Tamer Hosni, and upon learning of her condition, he immediately agreed, and agreed with them to prepare a surprise for her, and invited her family to go to his studio in his home as a sound studio in which Nada will conduct some rehearsals before going to meet Tamer and agree with him on the song. There, she was surprised when he entered and welcomed her amidst her overwhelming happiness. He shared the singing with her and was keen to take pictures with her.

Tamer Hosni Nada participated in singing a song entitled “Karna Wa Aqluna” in an atmosphere of fun.

Mohamed Al-Qousi, founder of the page we make dreams come true, posted the video in which the girl appeared, surprised and in disbelief to see her favorite singer.

Al-Qusi wrote on his Facebook page: “Nada loves to sing and adores Tamer Hosni, and her dream was that she sees him and hears her voice. We contacted the beautiful artist, Tamer Hosni, and he responded quickly and was very welcoming that he helped us realize Nada’s dream, which is very big for her.

He added: “Tamer invited us to his house to record in his studio a duet with Nada, and we agreed that we would do this meeting as a surprise for Nada, who thought that we were going to a sound studio in the first place to rehearse in it before meeting her favorite star.”

Al-Qusi thanked Tamer Hosni for hosting them and realizing the girl’s dream shortly after the request was sent to him.


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