Tamer Hosni receives praise after surprising a girl with cancer by singing with her and making her wish come true.. in the video


Tamer Hosni received praise on the communication sites today after revealing a humanitarian situation for him with a girl with cancer, who wished to sing with Tamer Hosni and hear her voice, and the audience circulated a video of Tamer Hosni surprising the girl in the studio.

Tamer Hosny is admired after a humanitarian situation with one of his fans

The pioneers of the communication sites today shared a video of the artist Tamer Hosni surprising a girl with cancer while she was in the studio to record her voice. Hosni in the studio, before surprising her by appearing in the studio and singing with her, which made him receive wide praise from the audience on the communication sites.

Tamer Hosny fulfills a girl’s dream of singing with her

Tamer Hosni topped the communication sites because of his position with the girl, and the video was widely circulated to him, and a number of media professionals also praised him for Tamer Hosni’s position, including Basma Wahba, who praised him in her program. Lord, and I am the one who thanked Professor Muhammad al-Qusi for his great humanitarian role, and thanked producer Ahmed Samir, who introduced us to each other and brought the matter up.

Tamer Hosny eagerly awaits the audience for his new movie “Mesh Ana”

Tamer Hosni yearned the audience for his new movie, “Not Me” and celebrated the success of the first promo of the movie. He sent a message to the audience on his Instagram account and said: “Praise be to God, I am really happy with your above-remarkable response. I am really tired of this role, presenting and writing content like this, and of course This is the effort of all the makers of the work and the big stars who participated with me and my professors, the heroes of the work that I thank them one by one..”

Tamer Hosni had released the promo video of his new movie, “Not Me,” and revealed the date of its showing in his message, and said: “You will wait for me in the cinemas, God willing, within two weeks, the movie will be downloaded if it is not hindered by any precautionary or fatal reasons, God willing.” The movie “Mesh Anna” featured a number of stars, most notably Majid Al-Kadwany, Hala Shiha, Sawsan Badr, Hajjaj Abdel Azim, and a number of guest stars.


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