“Tadawul”: 740.89 million riyals net foreign purchases in Saudi stocks during a week


Riyadh – Mubasher: Foreign investors continued to record net purchases through their dealings in the Saudi stock market during the week ending June 10, 2021, in contrast to the Saudis and Gulf nationals continuing to record net selling, compared to the previous week.

aliens register; According to the weekly report of the Saudi Tadawul Group “Tadawul Saudi” issued today, Monday, a net purchase of 740.89 million riyals, compared to a net sale of Saudis and Gulf nationals of 148.98 million riyals and 591.9 million riyals, respectively.

The total foreign purchases amounted to 4.25 billion riyals, representing 5.3% of the total purchases of investors in the market during the past week, compared to sales of 3.5 billion riyals, equivalent to 4.38% of the total sales.

The transactions of foreigners varied; With the registration of qualified investors and swap agreements, a net purchase of 770.59 million riyals and 15.13 million riyals, respectively, compared to a net sale of resident investors of 44.47 million riyals.

On the other hand, sales of Saudis amounting to 75.6 billion riyals (94.38% of the total market sale) were higher than their purchases of 75.45 billion riyals (representing 94.20% of weekly purchases), during the week ending on June 10.

Individual transactions pressured the performance of Saudi investors during the past week. They recorded a net sale of 953.65 million riyals; As a result of a purchase difference of 70.97 billion riyals, compared to 71.93 billion riyals for sales.

Meanwhile, the institutions recorded a net purchase of 804.67 million riyals; As a result of a selling difference of 3.67 billion riyals, compared to total purchases of 4.48 billion riyals.

On the Gulf side, their total purchases amounted to 401.1 million riyals, representing 0.50% of the total purchases in the market during the week, compared to sales of 993 million riyals, equivalent to 1.24% of sales.

The general index of the Saudi market “TASI” closed an increase of 0.92% during the past week, equivalent to 98.03 points, bringing it to the level of 10796.33 points, compared to 10698.30 for the previous week.


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