Syrian artist Firas Ibrahim describes Muhammad Ramadan as a provocateur… and the latter responds to him | news


The Syrian artist, Firas Ibrahim, revealed his opinion of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, and the actions he is doing.

He said during a radio interview with Yamen Deeb, that Muhammad Ramadan is very talented, and loves to challenge everything that is the opposite of the trend, and in Syria the mentality is different, and no one dares to do like him, even the pictures he publishes and he appears bare-chested, stressing that he cannot do this, saying : “I can’t help but show such a thing, I swear to God, I will not leave my house for a month.”

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He added, Muhammad Ramadan knows that he provokes people, but this provocation brings him admiration and money, for example when he presents a song that achieves millions of views.

And he continued, they stopped him and insulted him, he did not care, but published his picture while he was traveling to Dubai and sitting in a private plane, adding, “So provocative that you like his pictures.”

He concluded his speech about him by saying, it is a special case that no one can imitate. You will not find Ahmed El-Sakka or Ahmed Ezz doing the same actions as he did.

For his part, Muhammad Ramadan posted a video clip of Firas’s talk about him and commented on it laughing.

And Muhammad Ramadan revealed his travel to Dubai a few days ago, and he appeared on his private plane while reading one of the topics in the international “Vogue” magazine, whose picture was taken as its cover, and wrote, “On my way to my city, Dubai.” See.

It is worth noting that Mohamed Ramadan released the clip “Thabit” directed by Mohamed Sami, and also participated in the last Ramadan season in the series “Musa” with Sumaya El Khashab and Heba Magdy, and the series was written by Nasser Abdel Rahman and directed by Mohamed Salama.

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