Study reveals new benefit of fish oil supplements


According to a study conducted by King’s College London Hospital,Omega 3Fatty, with anti-inflammatory and beneficial effects for heart healthIt improves mood and relieves symptoms Depression.

“Our study sheds light on the mechanisms by which omega-3 fatty acids fight depression, which will help us in the future to develop treatments for this mood disorder,” the lead author of the study and a neuroscientist at King’s College London, Alessandra Porcini, was quoted by UPI news agency as saying. “.

During the study, which included people with severe depression, they were given a dose of omega-3 polyunsaturated acids, for 12 weeks, and the symptoms of the disorder were measured before and after the experiment.

According to the results, which were published in the journal “Psychiatry According to the participants, the symptoms of depression decreased by 64 percent, knowing that the scientists indicated the impossibility of obtaining high levels of omega-3, such as those obtained by the participants in the study, from fish only. for nutritional supplement.

“The research provides important information that will help us in clinical trials aimed at treating depression with fatty acids,” said Carmen Pariante, professor of biological psychiatry and study co-author.

She added: “Increasing omega-3 fatty acids in our diet via supplementation can reduce symptoms of depression, although the mechanisms behind this positive relationship are still complex and incompletely understood, and require further research.”


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