Study: Regeneron treatment reduces COVID-19 deaths in hospitals


A prominent scientist said that the experience Oxford Which prove that the antibody treatment of Regeneron that was given to the former US President Donald Trump It works to reduce the risk of death due to the emerging corona virus.

A treatment known asRegion-CoveIt has been approved for emergency use in the United States for patients with mild to moderate symptoms, but the results of the “Recovery” trial provide the clearest evidence of its effectiveness for patients receiving treatment in Hospitals.

The Oxford experiment found that the treatment of Antibodies Reducing deaths that occur within 28 days of testing positive for the virus Corona By one-fifth, that is among patients who are being treated in hospitals and whose immune system has not responded by producing antibodies.

Scientists found that the drug reduces the risk of death and the need for VentilatorIt also reduced the length of stay of patients in the hospital by an average of 4 days.

The researchers said that this result means 6 fewer deaths among every 100 patients with this condition who received this treatment.

“People were very, very pessimistic about the effectiveness of any antiviral treatment for this particular virus after patients were admitted to the hospital,” the lead researcher who participated in the experiment, Martin Landray, told reporters.

“If you don’t produce antibodies yourself, it will really help you to get some,” he added, according to Reuters.

He added that the treatment also shortened the length of stay in the hospital and reduced the likelihood of them needing respirators.

However, experts have warned that the cost could be up to £2,000 per patient.

The discovery comes as Britain’s National Health Service prepares to start using a “new class of therapies”, which is likely to be Regeneron It is the first of these, to target the virus in sicker patients whose immune systems cannot fight the disease.

Medics in the United States gave Trump the monoclonal antibody Regeneron treatment at the time, but it is still not licensed in Britain.

Regen-Cove consists of two types of Antibodies Taken from recovered Covid patients, called kazerifimab and imdivimab, which are multiplied in the laboratory to make a liquid that can be injected into people who have not developed their own antibodies after contracting the disease, known as passive patients.

Without treatment, patients without the antibodies were 30 percent more likely to die, compared to 15 percent for people whose immune systems were fighting the virus themselves.

And the Regeneron treatment succeeded in reducing the proportion of thirty percent to 24 percent.

Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody treatment made headlines last year when it was given to Donald Trump as a “treatment” after he was discharged from hospital.

Trump said, in a video clip on Twitter at the time, that doctors gave him “Regeneron and other things” as well, and after that he felt fine.

It is indicated that US Food and Drug Administration It approved the drug for emergency use of Covid patients on November 21.

“This is the first time we’ve had a treatment that actually targets the virus itself,” said Martin Landray, professor of medicine and epidemiology at Oxford University.

He added: “In people with Covid, who were admitted to hospital but were unable to raise their natural antibody response, giving them this combination of monoclonal antibodies by drip reduces their chances of death, shortens their stay in the hospital, and reduces their chances of getting sick. It also reduces the need for a respirator,” according to the Daily Mail.

“This should be good for patients and it must be good for public health,” he concluded.


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